Sitting, Staying, and Coming Soon…

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A heartfelt welcome to our new clinics in…

Amarillo, TX; Bakersfield, CA; Houston, TX; Phoenix, AZ; San Diego, CA; St. Augustine, FL; Blackburn, VA and Winston-Salem NC.

Paws for a Cause…


We're flipping out about all the donations that came in for #ColoradoGivesDay! Thank you, folks!! The $1 Million Incentive Fund increased the value of every dollar donated proportionally and every cent that comes our way will be put towards funding street clinics. We also want to thank the CSU Veterinary School Class of 2021 Service Committee for organizing a Pancakes for Pets fundraising event featuring a faculty whipped cream eating contest and lots of short stacks provided by PetSmart Charities. For photos of that happy breakfast for lunch fundraiser, click here.

Shadow’s Home!

UPDATE: Shadow's surgery is complete and she has two hot pink casts to prove it. Welcome home sweet girl! To those who supported her surgery and helped spread the word, THANK YOU. The following is a note from Shadow's guardian expressing his gratitude as well..."Shadow is doing great and recovering well. She's going to have a few weeks before she’s back to normal. Doctor Devitt and his wife were wonderful. Thank you so so much. I can probably write a book on how much Shadow means to us and what an impact she has had on my life, my daughter's life, and other people she has came in contact with. I know she is grateful and will always continue to be a great dog. If there's anything that myself and Shadow can do for anyone out there, please let us know."

Viva Las Vegas

The Street Dog Coalition started in 2014 with a pop-up clinic in Fort Collins and it has spread its reach to cities across the United States. Last week, just two days before Thanksgiving, a clinic took place in Las Vegas in conjunction with an event called Project Homeless Connect. This free event, coordinated by the Nevada Homeless Alliance in partnership with the Southern Nevada Homelessness Continuum of Care and the Clark County Department of Social Service, brings together those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and organizations that can help them, including The Street Dog Coalition. Several hundred people attended between 9am and 4pm and The Street Dog Coalition vaccinated 98 pets with the help of vets and volunteers. A BIG thank you to everyone involved!

Home Is Where The Heart Is

The Street Dog Coalition of Fort Collins partners with Homeward Alliance and the Murphy Center for Hope to provide free medical care and related services to pets of individuals and families experiencing homelessness. For a pdf copy of their 2019 Canine Companion Calendar, Home Is Where The Heart Is, click here.

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