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A Heartfelt Welcome to Our New Clinics in…

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Appleton, WI;

Central Coast, CA;

Chapin, SC;

Chicago, IL;

Houston, TX;

New York City, NY;

Phoenix, AZ;

St. Augustine, FL;

and Venice, CA!

Paws for a Cause…


A Round of a-paws for Jon, CVMA’s 2019 Veterinarian of the Year!

Our very own founder, director, mentor, caffeine companion, and DJ, Jon Geller, was recently recognized as CVMA’s 2019 Veterinarian of the Year. Jon also goes by Top Dog, J-Dog, jgdj, Jonny, Jón...Whatever you call him, you know he'll answer, because Jon is that kind of guy. He answered his inner call to be a veterinarian in his forties, after a career in construction, but he hasn't stopped building. Jon now builds community through his work with The Street Dog Coalition, and he is a role model for compassion in the veterinary community. His nominators describe him as, “A remarkably compassionate and driven contributor to the profession and to the community with kindness that knows no boundaries.” Thank you, Jon, for all you do. We’re glad you’re staying caffeinated with us.


When You Stop to Think About It…

Homelessness and mass shootings should NOT be commonplace in this country, or any country. We need to do better, and it starts with CARING. On August 6, in the wake of mass shootings in Ohio and Texas, The Street Dog Coalition, AVMA, Zoetis, and Hills Pet Nutrition gave back to the Washington D.C. community. In addition to providing free medical care and supplies to pets of the homeless, they also gave tote bags filled with snacks, socks, and other essentials for folks living on the streets, regardless of whether or not they have a pet. Because, pet or no pet, we care. SO many thanks to our amazing volunteers, veterinarians, and sponsors who made this event and its ripple effects possible!

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Dog Days Are Over

At their first clinic, our amazing volunteer vets in Amarillo, TX serviced FORTY dogs and one cat. At their second clinic in June they were just as busy and saw FORTY-SEVEN dogs and one cat. On Aug. 13, this Texas chapter of The Street Dog Coalition will hold its third clinic in the parking lot of Faith City Mission and they anticipate another large turnout. Click here for a great article on these clinics from the Amarillo Globe-News.


A Note From Chapin

On 6/13/19, Dr. Jessica Graham, our DVM Team Lead in Chapin, SC, facilitated her first clinic with a steady stream of people and pets all morning. Later that day, we received the following note: “I went to the clinic in Chapin, South Carolina this morning. It was scheduled from 8-12 and I got there about 11 and they were all out of shots but I asked if the vet would do an exam on the Chihuahua we had rescued from a shelter on his last day and was told yes. Dr Jessica Graham looked him over thoroughly and checked him for heart worms. We were given a six month supply of heart worm medication, medication for his slipped knee cap that is sometimes painful, food, a leash, collar, flea prevention and some nice new plush towels for Theodore to sleep on. Wanted to let the people that donated know what a nice job Dr. Jessica Graham did and how grateful we are. I was told that maybe there will be another clinic in a few months and I might be able to get Theodore's shots then." This note is a nice reminder that kindness, compassion, and doing what you can with what you have is the backbone of street medicine...and there will indeed be another clinic, and more vaccines.


Pups ‘n’ Pride

We were thrilled to partake in our first NYC Street Clinic in conjunction with World Pride 2019 in June. It was a wonderful example of what can happen when multiple organizations work towards a common goal: providing veterinary and human health services for people and their pets who otherwise would not have access to such care. SO many thanks to everyone who gave their time, talent, and hearts to making this event a success, including My Dog Is My Home, Positive Tails, Orchard Grocer, Moo Shoes, Dog Guy Foundation, Boehringer Ingelheim, Hills Pet, AVMA Pride, NYCACC, Planned Parenthood, Suburbia Roller Derby, and all the NYC veterinarians, vet techs, and volunteers. Click here for the first report of its kind examining the struggles and composition of families experiencing homelessness with companion animals in NYC.


You’re Only As Good As The Company You Keep…

And we’re in good company! We're honored to be a part of the People for Animal Welfare (PAW) Committee, a new animal welfare initiative from the office of Colorado Governor Jared Polis and First Gentleman Marlon Reis and Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera. “This Committee is about protecting Colorado animals and giving them a voice,” Reis said. “There is so much great work happening in our state around animal welfare and the PAW Committee is an opportunity to bring together experts on these issues and make Colorado a national leader.” In addition, Polis recently signed two bills related to animals. The first bill, House Bill 19-1092, would prohibit a person convicted of felony animal cruelty from owning a pet for three to five years.The second bill, House Bill 19-1220, would allow a court facility dog to accompany a witness during his or her testimony in court. The dog would be trained to offer support to the witness without being a distraction during the court proceedings.


When your dog is your rock…

…and you find out she has a tumor that needs to be removed ASAP, your world is shook. The kiddos on the left experienced this recently with their six year old bulldog boxer mix, Diamond, and with the help of Waggle and the generosity of donors and Maddie’s Fund, we were able to get Diamond the surgery she needed. Diamond is now back home with her family and recovering well. Thank you to everyone who supported her campaign; it’s a gift that keeps on giving because Diamonds like this one should last FURever, or at least as long as possible.

Aloha, Hawaii!

Dr. Aleisha Swartz and her dedicated vet tech, Sarah Krupp, are officially offering Street Dog Coalition clinics at the Punawai Rest Stop for the homeless in Iwilei. Click here for a great news story on the Punawai Rest Stop, located at 431 Kuwili Street in the neighborhood of Iwilei. Joey Manahan, the city council member who started the initiative to build the center, is very appreciative of the services The Street Dog Coalition is providing, and we are very appreciative of Aleisha and her team for making it happen! Keep up the great work.

Puppy Love in Florida

The Street Dog Coalition has a serious case of puppy love for these ‘lil roly poly mixed-breeds. In addition to de-worming, vaccinating, and trimming their puppy nails, the SDC team in St. Augustine, FL took care of five dogs and a cat at their FIRST clinic. They also talked to the owner of the puppies about responsibly rehoming them if they become too much to care for on his own. He was receptive to the discussion and will be returning to the Humane Society for their first da2pp shots and will revisit the conversation. If love is always doing what’s best for someone, even if it means letting them go, then this human is demonstrating that.


Inclusive Health in Ithaca, NY

The Street Dog Coalition is passionate about an inclusive "one health" approach to street medicine, and our team in Ithaca, New York is a great example of this. When a local doctor was preparing to open the harm-reduction medical practice called "REACH Medical" to treat drug users, her daughters questioned who would provide veterinarian care for the pets of patients who may be experiencing homelessness. Click here for a short article from the Ithaca Journal to learn what happened next.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

The Street Dog Coalition of Fort Collins partners with Homeward Alliance and the Murphy Center for Hope to provide free medical care and related services to pets of individuals and families experiencing homelessness. For a pdf copy of their 2019 Canine Companion Calendar, Home Is Where The Heart Is, click here.

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