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Amarillo, TX;

Bakersfield, CA;

Chapin, SC;

Chicago, IL;

Houston, TX;

Phoenix, AZ;

St. Augustine, FL;

Blackburn, VA;

and Venice, CA!

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Hello, Amarillo!

WOW. Our first Street Dog Coalition clinic in Amarillo, Texas saw FORTY dogs and one cat at Faith City Mission. If you're a numbers person, you'll love this: In total, our vets and volunteers administered 33 rabies vaccinations, 40 DAPPV vaccinations, 1 FVRCP vaccination, 23 heart worm tests, 24 Iverheart Plus prescriptions, 38 deworming treatments, 4 other prescriptions, 18 nail trims, and 1 ear cleaning. At one point, when vaccines were running low, a colleague was called and more vaccines were delivered. Teamwork makes the dream work. MANY, MANY thanks to everyone who helped, especially Kim Nethery and Pat Chase!! Let's do it again.

Aloha, Hawaii!

Dr. Aleisha Swartz (left) and her dedicated vet tech, Sarah Krupp (right), are officially offering Street Dog Coalition clinics at the Punawai Rest Stop for the homeless in Iwilei. Click here for a great news story on the Punawai Rest Stop, located at 431 Kuwili Street in the neighborhood of Iwilei. Joey Manahan, the city council member who started the initiative to build the center, is very appreciative of the services The Street Dog Coalition is providing, and we are very appreciative of Aleisha and her team for making it happen! Keep up the great work.

Puppy Love in Florida

The Street Dog Coalition has a serious case of puppy love for these ‘lil roly poly mixed-breeds. In addition to de-worming, vaccinating, and trimming their puppy nails, the SDC team in St. Augustine, FL took care of five dogs and a cat at their FIRST clinic. They also talked to the owner of the puppies about responsibly rehoming them if they become too much to care for on his own. He was receptive to the discussion and will be returning to the Humane Society for their first da2pp shots and will revisit the conversation. If love is always doing what’s best for someone, even if it means letting them go, then this human is demonstrating that.


Inclusive Health in Ithaca, NY

The Street Dog Coalition is passionate about an inclusive "one health" approach to street medicine, and our team in Ithaca, New York is a great example of this. When a local doctor was preparing to open the harm-reduction medical practice called "REACH Medical" to treat drug users, her daughters questioned who would provide veterinarian care for the pets of patients who may be experiencing homelessness. Click here for a short article from the Ithaca Journal to learn what happened next.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

The Street Dog Coalition of Fort Collins partners with Homeward Alliance and the Murphy Center for Hope to provide free medical care and related services to pets of individuals and families experiencing homelessness. For a pdf copy of their 2019 Canine Companion Calendar, Home Is Where The Heart Is, click here.