A welcome windfall Dogs and cats in encampments, some the pets of homeless owners and others unowned, enjoyed quality pet food along with toys, leashes, and collars, compliments of AVMA Convention 2017 exhibitors who donated their supplies after the event. The idea came from Dr. Jon Geller, of Fort Collins, Colorado, founder of the Street Dog Coalition, who found a receptive AVMA convention staff. Donors included Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Blue Buffalo, Weruva, PetSafe, Assisi Animal Health, and Royal Canin. Dr. Geller and Angela Hopson, executive director of SOAR Indianapolis, delivered the supplies to two encampments, including Camp Hodge (pictured) along the White River. The Street Outreach Animal Response Initiative is a nonprofit that seeks to preserve the bond between people experiencing homelessness and their pets, through street outreach. Colette Apke, AVMA convention sponsorship and exhibits manager, said the Association hopes to partner with even more vendors at AVMA Convention 2018 in Denver and invites inquiries at exhibits@avma.org. 
 JAVMA • Vol 251 • No. 8 • October 15, 2017 887

The Street Dog Coalition embedded street clinics as part of national veterinary meetings in 2017.

WVC March 8- Las Vegas

IVECCS Sept 12 -Nashville

Look for one in Denver in 2018 as part of the AVMA Convention

Fort Collins Homeless Connect 2016

The Street Dog Coalition goes to Indianapolis

We are looking for veterinarians who want to start Street Clinics all over the US. The Street Dog Coalition will provide a medical tent, and a start-up stipend to cover initial supplies and vouchers for S/N and follow up. Please contact us for more details!

We have started our first satellite groups in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Sarasota, FL,Boston, MA, Kansas City, MO, Omaha, NE, Winston-Salem, NC, with pending plans for Las Vegas, NV, Wash. DC area, Chicago, Baltimore,  Los Angeles, Milwaukee, WI and San Diego, CA.  Oahu Island, Hawaii may be joining the fun also.

Our Mission: To provide free medical care and other services to pets of the homeless.


This Agreement, dated _______, 201_, is between The Street Dog Coalition, a Colorado 501(c)3 non-profit, and _____________, DVM, a licensed veterinarian in __________________. This agreement will remain in effect for a minimum of 2 (two) years, and includes the following expectations:

_______________, DVM, will act as the Team Leader for The Street Dog Coalition in the _____________, region: 1. Dr. ____________will recruit a team of veterinary and non-veterinary personnel to provide street clinics to pets of the homeless, and near-homeless, in the ______________ area.

                2. Veterinary services will include basic preventive care and treatment of minor medical problems, and will specifically exclude spay-neuter and elective surgical services. Vouchers for follow up care or spay/neuter services can be provided at the discretion of the Team Leader.

                3. All work will be done under the supervision of a veterinarian licensed in the state of __________________. That veterinarian is required to have a current Professional Liability Insurance policy.

                4. A minimum of 2 Street Clinics will be put on annually. These will be located at a location adjacent to or convenient local homeless shelters and facilities.

                5. The clinics will only be advertised to the local homeless population and not to the general public. However, means testing will not be required, but the Team Leader will use their professional judgement to decline services to anyone that does not appear to be homeless, or near-homeless.

                6. Any monetary Contributions can be solicited locally, but any donations so designated must be made through The Street Dog Coalition, and then will be directly returned to the Boston team to purchase needed supplies. Any donated supplies and pharmaceuticals can remain with the Boston team, but donations should be documented.  The Street Dog Coalition needs to document all donations, and can provide a tax-deductible receipt when requested. All purchases of supplies and medications should be documented for tracking purposes.

                7. Photos of Street Clinics and participants will be provided to the Street Dog Coalition than can be used on their website and marketing materials.

The Street Dog Coalition, 220 Jackson Ave, Fort Collins, CO  will provide the following:

A General Liability Insurance policy in the amount of $1,000,000 dollars.
An approximately 15’ x 20’ quick assemble canvas medical tent (or equivalent)
A start-up stipend of $500 to use for start-up supplies and medication.
A start-up stipend of Vouchers, not to exceed $500 total value, to use for follow-up care and spay-neuter services as a collaborating veterinary clinic, provided at the discretion of the Team Leader.  Once used, The Street Dog Coalition will make payment directly to the veterinary hospital providing services after the voucher is submitted for reimbursement.
An annual stipend of $500 for ongoing purchase of medical supplies
An annual stipend of vouchers, not-to-exceed $500, for follow-up care and spay-neuter services.
Access to an MWI account to purchase supplies, to be delivered to Dr. ________ address.

Early Termination of the Agreement

If either party requests early termination of this agreement, the following will occur:

The Medical tent will be returned to The Street Dog Coalition (shipping to be paid for by The Street Dog Coalition), or passed on to a new Team Leader.
Any unused supplies and medications will be donated to a local non-profit shelter or related non-profit, or passed along to a new Team Leader.
Any unused funds will be returned to the Street Dog Coalition. Any remaining vouchers that have been distributed will be honored, and paid for by The Street Dog Coalition.

Agreed to this 1st Day of September, 2016


The Street Dog Coalition         Jon Geller, DVM, President, Board of Directors


________________, DVM, ________________, Team LeaderType your paragraph here.